How to take loan from Paytm | Paytm Online Loan Application | Paytm Loan Customer Care

How to take loan from Paytm | Paytm Online Loan Application | Paytm Loan Customer Care


Today we are going to tell you about a loan company through which you can get a loan at zero percent interest rate. Friends, you must have applied for loan with many other companies as well, but most of them are completely fake and fraudulent. They request personal information like Aadhar card, PAN card, bank account and mobile number from the customer as well as various phone permissions, but many of these companies deny you the loan even after taking so many details. does. She is only interested in wasting your time.

So which companies can you trust friends, especially in today’s world where scams are rampant? But for that we bring you Paytm, a very reputed company that many of you might have heard about, and which comes from a very reputed source. “Paytm” is the name of the company that we will be discussing today. Friends, today we will learn about Paytm Se Personal Loan Kaise Le Sakte Hai in this post.

You can use Paytm to send money to someone or to take money from someone, but apart from this, you can also take out a personal loan with the help of this app, which you will learn about today with the help of this article.


Who provides Paytm Personal Loan?

So, friends, first and foremost, I want to inform you that if you think Paytm will provide you loan, then you are wrong. You are wrong because Paytm will not give you loan. However, Paytm will help you get loans from other companies. Friends, do not worry that you will be fraud again or you will not get loan from any company because all the companies that Paytm offers you are very reliable. All those companies are linked with Paytm, and Paytm does not link you with any wrong or fraudulent companies.

Paytm also assures you that your personal information will not be tampered with, and you will get a loan at a very low interest rate. So, friends, below we have given the name and contact information of the company that Paytm uses to provide you the loan. Through the Internet you can find out more about these companies:


What are the documents required to take loan from Paytm?

Friends, if you want to take this Paytm personal loan or are thinking of taking a loan, then you should be aware of all the documents required. So, let us now know what kind of documents you will need. If you take a loan from any company, then you will need the following three things for any kind of loan.


Aadhar Card: Friends, by using Aadhar card, you can take loan from many companies. You may not have any other document with you, but if you do not have Aadhar card, then probably no company will give you a loan because Aadhar card knows your father’s name, your date of birth, your address and your fingerprint.

PAN Card: If you have a PAN card, any company can lend you money as your PAN card is linked to your bank account. And if you are going to take loan from any company then it is very important to have PAN card because if you sign up with any company or apply for loan then first of all you will be asked your PAN card.

Friends, the third document is your bank statement for the last three months, six months, one year or one month. Bank statement refers to any transaction done in your bank account, and Paytm wants to see everything. Also check whether the account is currently active or not. During the KYC process, Paytm collects all these documents from you.

What is the complete process to take loan from Paytm?

  • First of all download Paytm App from your App Store.
  • After this you have to enter your mobile number on Paytm app.
  • You will receive an OTP on the given mobile number, enter that OTP there.
  • After this you have to complete your KYC.
  • After that search for personal loan option.
  • Under personal loan, you will be asked how much loan you need.
  • After running the loan amount, you have to enter your basic information there.
  • After that upload all your necessary documents there.
  • Paytm asked you where you work. Give the correct answer to this.
  • After that you have to enter your address.
  • After this Paytm will send your loan application to the next company and that company will review your loan application.
  • After the review is done, you will get a call from the company.
  • Some things will be verified from you on the call.
  • After that your loan will be approved.
  • Once the loan is approved, the loan amount will be credited to your bank account.
  • After this, you can use your loan money by withdrawing it from the bank.
  • Taking a loan from Paytm, keep in mind that all your documents are correct. While taking a loan also make sure that you repay the loan on time because if you do not do this then your CIBIL score will also deteriorate and you may have to face a lot of trouble.


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