NOX Vs MEMU Which is best? [Full detail]

Read this article to understand the features and system requirements to run Nox and Memu emulator on your pc successfully. Explained in detail about Nox vs Memu emulator.

NOX Vs MEMU Key features:

Nox player Memu Player

1. Keymapping and mouse control
2. Rooting of the device
3. Screenshots and Video recording
4. Virtualize your location
5. Can Create multi-instances
6. Designed based on Android 4.4.2 Kernel
7. Integrated Google Play Store and web Browser

1. RAM and CPU allocation
2. Preloaded Google play store
3. Ability to launch multiple instances
4. Screenshot tool, Operation record
5. Keyboard Mapping and mouse controls
6. Designed based on Android 7.1

[adinserter block=”4″]NOX Vs MEMU System requirements:

System requirements Nox player Memu player
OS Windows XP /Vista /7 /8.1/ 10, OSX-10.8+ Windows XP /Vista /7 /8.1/ 10
CPU Multi-core AMD / Intel CPU Multi-core AMD / Intel CPU
RAM 3 GB ( Minimum) 3 GB ( Minimum)
HDD 5 GB free space 3 GB free space
GPU 2 GB or more 2 GB or more

Nox player:

Nox Player operates just like BlueStacks emulator while they share some similarities but Nox can do many things much better. The primary advantage of using Nox emulator is the speed which it provides to your computer. This is very easy to use and has a very clean interface.

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Rooting device: Nox Player comes with features that will let you root the device within one minute. Who’s ever used an Android emulator knows that rooting the device can be a huge pain however with Nox emulator you won’t have to deal with these problems.

Multiplayer system: Why would you play a single game using only one account when you could play multiple games using multiple accounts even at the same time. Nox Player has the ability to help you play different games at the same time without even having to switch the application window.

Shooting feature: Keymapping systems have been available for a long time on Android emulators. Virtual keys, gravity sensors and Direction control which are all very basic however Nox player take you to the next level with a shooting feature. This feature is one of the great highlights of Knox player helping FPS gamers get the edge over their opponents.

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This emulator will benefit you even to play higher graphics game and applications which are running over higher graphics. Therefore, One can have a good experience of the quality and graphics when they are playing games and applications on their device.

Even though Nox Player is built for gamers it is also well suited towards other applications for general use. It gives the same feeling as if using it directly on your phone. just using a click of the mouse instead of a touch of the screen. It is very easy is to switch between apps with no load times and incredibly fast speed. 

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Memu player:

Memu emulator provides a fantastic platform not only to play games but even to access many different applications. It offers a more seamless experience and smooth gameplay while playing a game.

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It comes with a preloaded Google play store so you can download and play any android games and android application. Also, you can open any APK file and share folder directly from Memu to your computer.

This emulator loaded with wide features, that make gameplay easy on a big screen. You can also run multiple games and apps simultaneously using the multi-instance feature.

Memu emulator has great keywords mapping features where you can customize for your gaming needs. Simply click on the area of the screen with your mouse and input the activation key that you want to use for the game’s control. It helps you to get better gaming experience.

Other than this emulator supports full-screen mode, Allocation of RAM and CPU according to your PC’s specification, operation record, screenshot tool not all emulators provide and many other features.

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